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Elys Joker126 viewsalso known as Harpers Joker
Fallon with Owner Jody Carsello-1962134 viewsJody Carsello with Fallon (out of the Roy Ritter (Nevada) line, littermate to Spencers Possum registered NSD in 1968)
"The Australian Shepherd's Origin and History" by Gwen Stevenson the story on Jody Carsello and Fallon. Quoting: "Jody Carsello and his Aussie, Fallon, reside at Rancho Alisos, Santa Barbara, California." Jody Fallon passed away in 2001 donating her Ranch for the Santa Ynez Equestrian Center.
Fjellines Mike103 views
Germairas Belinda124 viewsReg. NSD 1962
Germairas Johnny Ringo182 viewsRegistered NSD 1965
Mr Germairas and his Working dogs124 viewsThis 1966 Photograph courtesy of the Gwen Stevenson Collection. He owned Germairas Johnny Ringo and Germairas Belinda
Gwen Fre Ho Genie with Janeanne Harper with two pups134 views
Halvorsons Swedes Boy132 views
Harpers Blue Bonnet133 viewsFull sister to Gwen Fre-Ho Genie
Harpers Old Smokey184 viewsWhen Bred to Smedras Blue Mistingo he was Father of:
Blue Spice Of Flintridge (F) Blue C/W
Phillips Blue Smokey Mist (M)
Welzs Handsome King (M) Blue C/W
Harpers Rosie & Fraziers Obien132 viewsShown in this Photo is Janeane Harper of Brewster Kansas was treasurer for ASCA from 1962 to 1966. She and her husband Bob breed some dogs that have become the foundation of what is today our show dogs. The Harpers dropped from sight in 1966.

Photograph courtesy of the Gwen Stevenson Collection
Hayes Blue registered NSD 1968154 views
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