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Heards Salt of Flintridge466 views
Hooks Boots279 viewsEdgar Young of Norton Kansas with Hooks Boots photo taken in 1964
Photograph courtesy of the Gwen Stevenson Collection
Jenkins Boomerang Bambi250 viewsThis photo shows Irene Narsh and her brother with Bambi in this 1964 photograph
Photograph courtesy of the Gwen Stevenson Collection
Jordans Blue235 views
Kennedys Ruffian with Jack Hinton238 views
Lampes Koko Doll 357 viewsLampes Koko Doll was a yellow dog which is not and acceptable color within our breed today.
Photograph courtesy of the Gwen Stevenson Collection
Lampes Kate (F) , A528-65122, Blue281 viewsLampes Kate
(F) , A528-65122, Blue
When Bred to Burnett's Pal (M) A494-65122
produced Lampes Chester (M) A494-65122 & Lampes Shag (F) A529-65122 Blue C/W

As you can see these dogs were all registered with NSD at the same time
Photo from the Gwen Stevenson Photo Album.
Lampes Trixie235 views
Laurel & Stan Ronsley- Nevada on left Ritters Streak, Ronsleys Mickey Finn, Ronsley Mitzi Buck, on right Ronsleys Mickey Finn and Ronsley Charcoal Smoke II479 viewsRitters Streak-1962 (Ritters Duke X Ritters Babe)
Ronsleys Mickey Finn-1962 (Ritters Streak X Ritters Lass)
Ronsleys Mitzi Buck-1961 (Byes Rusty II X Byes Penny)
Ronsleys Charcoal Smoke II-1969 (Ronsleys Freckles X Ronsleys Blue Sage)
Lees Elizabeth343 viewsThese 1964 Photographs courtesy of the Gwen Stevenson Collection
Leitners Salti-1961252 views
Lundbergs Mister Dillon also Known as Hayes Mr Dillon246 viewsPhotograph taken at 16 years of age
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