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photo of a bobtailed collie by Count Bylandt 1904 (?)518 viewsMar 02, 2012
John Emms painting of a bobtailed collie between 1844 and 1912556 viewsMar 02, 2012
Vespar Aussie photo (mid to late 1800's?)681 viewsMar 02, 2012
Australian Shepherd with children photo/postcard 1911765 viewsMar 02, 2012
Dio's Shep 1902465 viewsPhotographs taken in 1902, "Shep" (1895-1905) owned by Dio Reinig. Caption on the back reads, "Shep the dog Dio and Eddie were so fond of". Ms. Mary Norton says, "Shep on the ladder and chair was a working stockdog for my great grandparents in Snoqualmie, Washington. Dio Reinig was my grandfather and Eddie his younger brother. Shep would travel in a canoe across the Snoqualmie River to the summer diary pasture, and would leap out, swim ashore, have the herd of cattle rounded up by the time the canoe landed. Later, in his nineties, my grandfather would tell my sister and I the stories of his childhood, including those of 'Shep'. Was Shep an Australian Shepherd? I don't know, but he was a working farm dog, trick dog and a well loved family pet. Photos courtesy Mary NortonFeb 24, 2012
Smoky - 1940525 viewsA quote from Erin Phelps about her parents dog, Smoky, "My parents, Bob and Lois Bishop, were feeding bummer lambs. They and this one little tiny dog, ran thousands of sheep on government lease land, what is now Ginger Rogers Ranch, and the Espourteille Ranch also thousand more acres. Smoky knew every lamb and mommy. Here she wants my mother to leave this baby lamb alone. Fortunately, the lambs desire for the bottle won out."

Photograph courtesy of the Erin Phelps Collection
Feb 24, 2012
Bobbie, Tyler, Montana -1921549 viewsPhotograph taken in 1921 in Tyler, Montana shared by Wayne Russell with Victoria Mistretta.
This photograph is of the dog called "Bobbie" taken in front of Wayne Russell's grandfathers log house built in Tyler, Montana near the Little Snowy Mountains.
Pictured left to right: Lawrence Russell (Wayne Russell's father), George Russell, Jim Russell with the Australian Shepherd called "Bobbie" in the standing in the center.
Photograph courtesy of the Victoria Mistretta Collection
Feb 24, 2012
Silverton Bobbie - 1924417 viewsShown left to right: Frank Brazier, Elizabeth Brazier, Nova Baumgarten, Leona Baumgarten and in front the dog Bobbie all standing in front of the Reo Cafe, in Silverton Oregon.
This is a picture of Silverton Bobbie taken in 1924 after returning from being lost in Indiana in 1923, he traveled 3,00 miles home to Silverton, Oregon. He was featured in Ripley's Beleive or Not, and was featured in a motion picture titled "Bobbie the Wonder Dog".
Bobbie is buried in the Oregon Humane Society Cemetary with a grand doghouse as his gravesite marker.
Feb 24, 2012
Silverton Bobbie - 1923511 viewsIn the summer of 1923, when Bobbie was two years old, he was taken by his owners Frank and Elizabeth Brazier, owner of the Reo Cafe, in Silverton, Oregon, on a trip back east, where the Braziers planned to visit their families. In Wolcott, Indiana Bobbie disappeared. After a frantic but fruitless search the braziers gave up and continued on their journey. Nine weeks after their departure from Silverton the braziers returned, convinced they would never see Bobbie again. Then on a sunny mid-winter day in 1924, Bobbie reappeared. He was thin, exhausted, his paws worn to the nub, and he was in pain, but he returned home. An exhaustive search by the Oregon Humane Society proved Bobbie had traveled 3,000 miles on his homeward quest. Featured in Ripley's Believe or Not.Feb 24, 2012
Completion of Press Expedition Aberdeen Wa, May 21, 1890383 viewsPhotographed in Aberdeen Washington on May 21, 1890, after the completion of their expedition to the Olympic Pennisula, Washington.
Pictured left to right: John W. Sims, Charles H. Barnes, James H. Christie, Christopher Hayes and kneeling with the dog is John H. Crumback.
Feb 23, 2012
Press Expedition to Explore the Olympic Pennisula, Washington 1989414 viewsPhotograph by Photographer Frank La Roche in Seattle, Washington December 6, 1889. The expedition was organized by the Seattle Press newspaper, forerunner of present day Seattle Times. They had 4 dogs on this expedition two of which appear to merled in color named Daisy & Bud were considered bear dogs, Tweed, and Dike a large labordor retriever killed on the expedition. A young cowboy Christopher O'Connell Hayes from the rangelands east of the Cascades joined the party in Yakima with Daisy & Bud.
Left to right: Christopher Hayes, John H. Crumback, James H. Christie, Charles A. Barnes(expedition photographer), Dr. Harris B. Runnalls (Physician), John W. Sims.
Feb 23, 2012
Niels J.C. Larsen 1888409 viewsNiels J.C. Larsen with his dog laying at his feet, this photograph by traveling photographer J. R. Riddle was taken in 1888 on a visit to Fort Union, New Mexico. Trooper Larsen was in Troop G of the Sixth Calvary. Troop G left Fort Union in December of 1890, as the entire Sixth Calvary was sent to Pine Ridge, South Dakota to quell the Sioux "ghost dancer" fever.Feb 23, 2012
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