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Australian Shepherd with children photo/postcard 1911765 views
Vespar Aussie photo (mid to late 1800's?)681 views
Adelaide Watson Brenton (1867-1945)671 viewsAdelaide Watson Brenton (1867-1945) "Adelaide Brenton was my great grandmother, she lived with my great grandfather and grandfather who owned a horse ranch (Lowbrooke Ranch) in Carmichael, Alberta, Canada. I Can't confirm but it appears she is holding what looks to being an Aussie type pup. It appears to have many Aussie characteristics/markings. Also the head shape resembles an Aussie, don't you think? On the back of the photo she wrote, 'Me and my new puppy'. To the far right of the photo you can see what appears to be the white butt of a dog with a black patch and no tail." quote Tracy Libby. The postcard at the bottom appears to be an Aussie type dog was mailed from Rome, Italy. The postmark on this postcard 1895.
These photographs are from the Tracy Libby of White Mountain Aussies Collection
Allen Ede 656 viewsDate on Photo 1930
Elsie Cotton 1922 643 viewsThese two photographs of Elsie Cotton with an Aussie taken in 1922. Her uncle Earl Babcock a rancher in Eastern Oregon, where he acquired his first Australian Shepherds in either 1917 or 1918 around the beginning of World War I. She was the 4th President of ASCA and owned Cotton's Blue Bobby one of the foundation dogs in many Pacific Northwest USA dogs of today.

Photographs are courtesy of the Victoria Mistretta Collection
Frank the dog - 1920573 viewsOwned by Clyde and Elinore Stewert of Green River Country in Wyoming. They were a three day wagon drive away from Green River, Wyoming. "Frank" was the dog who kept porcupines out of the garden and by doing that he also kept weeds out of the garden which was written on back of 1920 photo.
Irma Hendericks -1926572 viewsThis 1926 photograph of Irma Hendericks, aunt of Sherry Rilea of Three B's Australian Shepherds, and a friend with 3 dogs and a couple puppies.

Photograph courtesy of the Sherry Rilea Collection
John Emms painting of a bobtailed collie between 1844 and 1912556 views
Bobbie, Tyler, Montana -1921549 viewsPhotograph taken in 1921 in Tyler, Montana shared by Wayne Russell with Victoria Mistretta.
This photograph is of the dog called "Bobbie" taken in front of Wayne Russell's grandfathers log house built in Tyler, Montana near the Little Snowy Mountains.
Pictured left to right: Lawrence Russell (Wayne Russell's father), George Russell, Jim Russell with the Australian Shepherd called "Bobbie" in the standing in the center.
Photograph courtesy of the Victoria Mistretta Collection
Clyde and Cynthia Stewert with "Bob" the dog548 viewsThese 1909 photograph of Clyde and his first wife Cynthia Stewert with Bob the dog on Burntfork Homestead in the Burntfork Valley of the Green River Country. "Bob" is at the feet of his master but there is another Aussie type dog laying on the porch but no indication of that dogs name.
Smoky - 1940525 viewsA quote from Erin Phelps about her parents dog, Smoky, "My parents, Bob and Lois Bishop, were feeding bummer lambs. They and this one little tiny dog, ran thousands of sheep on government lease land, what is now Ginger Rogers Ranch, and the Espourteille Ranch also thousand more acres. Smoky knew every lamb and mommy. Here she wants my mother to leave this baby lamb alone. Fortunately, the lambs desire for the bottle won out."

Photograph courtesy of the Erin Phelps Collection
Pigs in a Puddle519 viewsI found this photo at the Josephine County Historical Society Grants Pass Oregon, they dated it 1905. It shows an Aussie type dog in a mud puddle with 3 pigs.
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