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Slim, Justus Slim Pickens558 viewsSlim, March 201055555
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HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP500 viewsLizard was one of those once in a lifetime dogs and as the years go by he is missed more each year. 55555
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Pennys Freckles351 views55555
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Silverton Bobbie - 1923519 viewsIn the summer of 1923, when Bobbie was two years old, he was taken by his owners Frank and Elizabeth Brazier, owner of the Reo Cafe, in Silverton, Oregon, on a trip back east, where the Braziers planned to visit their families. In Wolcott, Indiana Bobbie disappeared. After a frantic but fruitless search the braziers gave up and continued on their journey. Nine weeks after their departure from Silverton the braziers returned, convinced they would never see Bobbie again. Then on a sunny mid-winter day in 1924, Bobbie reappeared. He was thin, exhausted, his paws worn to the nub, and he was in pain, but he returned home. An exhaustive search by the Oregon Humane Society proved Bobbie had traveled 3,000 miles on his homeward quest. Featured in Ripley's Believe or Not.55555
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Pigs in a Puddle528 viewsI found this photo at the Josephine County Historical Society Grants Pass Oregon, they dated it 1905. It shows an Aussie type dog in a mud puddle with 3 pigs.55555
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Harpers Tammy412 views55555
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Sisler's John389 views55555
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Heards Salt of Flintridge491 views55555
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Laurel & Stan Ronsley- Nevada on left Ritters Streak, Ronsleys Mickey Finn, Ronsley Mitzi Buck, on right Ronsleys Mickey Finn and Ronsley Charcoal Smoke II508 viewsRitters Streak-1962 (Ritters Duke X Ritters Babe)
Ronsleys Mickey Finn-1962 (Ritters Streak X Ritters Lass)
Ronsleys Mitzi Buck-1961 (Byes Rusty II X Byes Penny)
Ronsleys Charcoal Smoke II-1969 (Ronsleys Freckles X Ronsleys Blue Sage)
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Remuda Bar Litter588 viewsThis litter was born in UK Quarantine Kennels - The Dam: H S &W Blazing Star was leased to me and bred to Silverledge Slide Me To Da Bar CD STDs and arrived in the UK approx 7 weeks in whelp. My friend Sue Beavers shared the cost of this with me and we both took 2 puppies from the litter of 6. I had Hobbes (Red Merle Male with white) and Blaze (Black female with a tad of white on her chest) Sue chose Grit (Red Merle Female- split face) and Taylor (Blue Merle with white and copper trim)
The other 2 puppies were sold to friends : Mandie Gibson chose Zef (Red Male no trim) and Jean Davidson ... Rhea (Red Merle with white)
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photo of a bobtailed collie by Count Bylandt 1904 (?)529 views55555
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Las Rocosa Joseph351 views55555
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