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Top rated - 1990-1999
HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP488 viewsLizard was one of those once in a lifetime dogs and as the years go by he is missed more each year. 55555
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Remuda Bar Litter576 viewsThis litter was born in UK Quarantine Kennels - The Dam: H S &W Blazing Star was leased to me and bred to Silverledge Slide Me To Da Bar CD STDs and arrived in the UK approx 7 weeks in whelp. My friend Sue Beavers shared the cost of this with me and we both took 2 puppies from the litter of 6. I had Hobbes (Red Merle Male with white) and Blaze (Black female with a tad of white on her chest) Sue chose Grit (Red Merle Female- split face) and Taylor (Blue Merle with white and copper trim)
The other 2 puppies were sold to friends : Mandie Gibson chose Zef (Red Male no trim) and Jean Davidson ... Rhea (Red Merle with white)
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Gates Jescee of Fan Cee Tails369 views55555
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CH Mistrettas Taswatha Chenowuth ATDd OTDsc416 viewsTasy was my best friend and forever her pictures will be next to me where ever I may be and the wonderful paintings that my mother did of her will hang close to me and my heart. Tina Mistretta55555
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379 views55555
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BANDIT299 viewsBandit was a consistent Stockdog Finalist. DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN written by James Mackrell has the main dog character named after Bandit and Jim owns Bandits granddaughter. His frozen sperm put pups on the ground 3 years ago at the Western Hills kennel. He's a foundation dog for Legends.55555
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Rowan (July 2007- 11 1/2 years old)3536 views55555
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361 views44444
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MISTY298 viewsMisty graced the cover of the Aussie Times. She was a remarkable companion, protector and performance partner. Her blood runs in the Legends and StarN dogs via her sister, Tazzie.44444
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CLAUGENE382 viewsEarned her versatility championship at age two. Foundation bitch for Legends. Best of Breed Veteran ASCA Nationals.44444
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Ron working ducks (Millington, TN)450 views44444
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Rowan working sheep (2003)342 viewsWisconsin ASCA Nationals 200344444
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