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MISTY309 viewsMisty graced the cover of the Aussie Times. She was a remarkable companion, protector and performance partner. Her blood runs in the Legends and StarN dogs via her sister, Tazzie.44444
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CLAUGENE393 viewsEarned her versatility championship at age two. Foundation bitch for Legends. Best of Breed Veteran ASCA Nationals.44444
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Ron working ducks (Millington, TN)463 views44444
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Rowan working sheep (2003)352 viewsWisconsin ASCA Nationals 200344444
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Cow Dog book by Lyman Nash420 viewsThis book I believe was published in the early 1960's written by Lyman M Nash (1926 - 1990). Debra Donahue was nice enough to send me an autographed copy. She saw him just before his death in Idaho, at that time she was unable to get the dated it was printed.44444
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Briarbrooks Center Ring and Brightwoods Cotton Candy338 views44444
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CH. Wildhagens Dutchman of Flintridge CD562 views44444
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Uproar's Crockett (Crockie), RTDs, CGC1231 viewsUproar's Crockett (Crockie), RTDs, CGC, October 2012 on an outcrop in SE Colorado.44444
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Silverton Bobbie - 1924425 viewsShown left to right: Frank Brazier, Elizabeth Brazier, Nova Baumgarten, Leona Baumgarten and in front the dog Bobbie all standing in front of the Reo Cafe, in Silverton Oregon.
This is a picture of Silverton Bobbie taken in 1924 after returning from being lost in Indiana in 1923, he traveled 3,00 miles home to Silverton, Oregon. He was featured in Ripley's Beleive or Not, and was featured in a motion picture titled "Bobbie the Wonder Dog".
Bobbie is buried in the Oregon Humane Society Cemetary with a grand doghouse as his gravesite marker.
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331 views#1 ASCA HALL OF FAME SIRE/ Champion33333
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