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Josephine County-3 Dogs and a Lady534 viewsJosephine County Historical Photo dated 190533333
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Ch Queenslands Coondog Jimmyblue283 views33333
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Hayes Blue registered NSD 1968357 views33333
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Ronsleys Mitzi Buck325 viewsPhoto taken in the fall of 1962

Photograph courtesy of the Gwen Stevenson Collection
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Dio's Shep 1902474 viewsPhotographs taken in 1902, "Shep" (1895-1905) owned by Dio Reinig. Caption on the back reads, "Shep the dog Dio and Eddie were so fond of". Ms. Mary Norton says, "Shep on the ladder and chair was a working stockdog for my great grandparents in Snoqualmie, Washington. Dio Reinig was my grandfather and Eddie his younger brother. Shep would travel in a canoe across the Snoqualmie River to the summer diary pasture, and would leap out, swim ashore, have the herd of cattle rounded up by the time the canoe landed. Later, in his nineties, my grandfather would tell my sister and I the stories of his childhood, including those of 'Shep'. Was Shep an Australian Shepherd? I don't know, but he was a working farm dog, trick dog and a well loved family pet. Photos courtesy Mary Norton33333
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Smoky - 1940534 viewsA quote from Erin Phelps about her parents dog, Smoky, "My parents, Bob and Lois Bishop, were feeding bummer lambs. They and this one little tiny dog, ran thousands of sheep on government lease land, what is now Ginger Rogers Ranch, and the Espourteille Ranch also thousand more acres. Smoky knew every lamb and mommy. Here she wants my mother to leave this baby lamb alone. Fortunately, the lambs desire for the bottle won out."

Photograph courtesy of the Erin Phelps Collection
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Fjellines Mike254 views33333
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Salt and Cactus of Flintridge245 views33333
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386 views33333
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264 views33333
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325 views33333
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Adelaide Scotsman of Windermere579 views33333
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